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Evolving Through Forgiveness


Over the past few years, one of the common re-occurrences in my readings for others is that there is a need for people to recognize the importance of letting certain things go… hurt feelings, resentments, anger and the like.

Within my own journey, through a revelation received via a dream, I realized that if I wanted to evolve and also free myself from the burdensome situation I found myself in, I had to first free myself from my own mind and it’s limited, constricted way of looking at things. I realized that I was not evolving or going anywhere by remaining in the state of mind that took me in circles instead of at least on an upwards spiral.

For me the first step was forgiving. I began forgiving people I felt did me wrong; not only current situations but stuff I knew I had buried from years past. Then I worked on forgiving myself as well; just as important! When we forgive ourselves and have made necessary adjustments to our own patterns of behavior, then we are more likely to be freed from the need to experience the negative karma that may have been accrued through the action… especially if the other party involved has forgiven as well.

What is Forgiveness?
Forgiving someone does not mean you are condoning them, or excusing them, it means that you are releasing them from the karmic ties that bind them to you in a negative way. A simple way of explaining what forgiveness is about, is to say that in forgiveness you give up resentment of or against someone. That’s all it is, and yet it can be one of the most difficult things to do at times. This is a higher form of love for others, and is also for your own personal well being. Whatever retribution is due them will be made manifest, however it need not come through your own attachment to the situation. Everything we do is imprinted in the akasha or universal energy that stores all that is happening, has happened or will be. So anything that is needing to be balanced off, will be, in it’s appropriate timing.

Why is Forgiveness Necessary?
While in session with people, I have discovered a few clients that expressed their honest lack of interest in forgiving anyone! They felt comfortable harboring the resentment that had become a part of their identity. We all have this right to choose whether we will lighten our energetic load or continue to stay heavy with ill feelings; becoming more and more like the ‘walking wounded’. But many of us will make the choice to forgive, because it is
a choice that is not only better for ourselves personally; spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically ~ but a choice that will ripple its effect into the folds of all humanity, as we are all one, and the more of us that take a stand for the more uplifting and freeing choices – the more it will lighten the load of humanity as a whole.

Every cell membrane (memory brain) recalls all events of your life, and therefore will hold the particular negatively charged events just as well. This negatively charged energy will then be lingering in your energy field – attracting more negativity of like nature.
Making the decision to forgive becomes easier when we realize that
holding on to ill feelings towards someone literally creates an ill state of being within ones’ own self; be it physically, emotionally, mentally, or spiritually. Not forgiving someone creates a psychic bond to that person which revolves on what the Buddhists call ‘the wheel of karma’; which continues to spin around yet again, and again, with you still on it – until you decide to jump off of the wheel! When you forgive you have jumped off the wheel (whilst the one who had mistreated you will likely still be on the wheel! This means they will get theirs without you being involved and helping to steer the wheel; which means you are freed up from that endless cycle of karma).

How Do We Forgive?
Forgiveness comes firstly by making a choice to let go and release old, stuck energy that many people do not even realize is there. As someone who is dedicated to helping others to release and let go of things that do not serve their highest good, I have studied a few different methods that help us to forgive more effectively… From ways that allow one to explore forgiveness by themselves – with no extra assistance, to methods that do better with someone there with you to help guide you through the process; if anyone is interested feel free to message me.

Be Glad!

BEautiful, clear water off Phi Phi Island in Thailand

Snorkeling in Thailand

On this date last year, I wrote about a snow and ice storm we had which brought the holiday activities in our tourist town to a standstill. Today, we had lovely temperatures and a steady rain, Our Christmas Parade of Lights was postponed for a couple of weeks. A line from today’s ACIM workbook lesson tells how I felt about all this: “Be glad today! Be glad! There is no room for anything but joy and thanks today.” Each time someone came in the gallery expressing distress that the parade had been cancelled, I told them how happy I was that we were having a nice warm rain. On gray days, all the holiday lights look brighter! In the rain, there are reflections of them in the streets, on windows, and everywhere we look! What a joy it is to be in our sweet town with all the natural beauty and happiness flowing from every place. The gratitude I feel at the end of this peaceful, laid-back day is immense. And the Tour of Homes is tomorrow, and John Two-Hawks holiday concert, and many other reasons to be GLAD!

Mary Baker Eddy quote: “Mind: The only I, or Us; the only Spirit, Soul, divine Principle, substance, Life, Truth, Love; the one God; not that which is in man, but the divine Principle, or God, of whom man is the full and perfect expression; Deity,which outlines but is not outlined.”

Science & Health Page 591:16-20

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We Are One

sunset in Thailand

                                “Bangkok, Thailand”
                         photo by Aaron Springston

I love it when something happens which allows me to see my mistaken view of a situation. There’s a popular television show called “Duck Dynasty”. I’ve held myself superior to this show which is full of duck calls and strong opinions. On the other hand, one of my favorite TV shows is “Dancing With the Stars”. Not only is it a mixture of beautiful dancing and music, but you get to know the dancers on a more personal level as they reveal themselves through dance and competition and fatigue. This season, the duck show’s 17-year-old girl is dancing. She had never danced before, other than alone in her room, having a very strict upbringing. I must admit to having some prejudice against her when the season started. I decided she was judgmental and self-important. Hum, isn’t it interesting how what we think of others is something bubbling around in ourselves? By watching her these last few weeks, I’ve come to more fully understand our unity, our sameness, our Oneness as children of God. No matter where in the world we live, no matter what the circumstance of our upbringing, we share divine Love in a way which cannot be denied when we look at ourselves with God’s eyes.

Mary Baker Eddy quote: “Jesus of Nazareth taught and demonstrated man’s oneness with the Father, and for this we owe him endless homage.”

Science & Health Page 18:3-5

One Will

photo by Aaron Springston

                            photo by Aaron Springston

I spent a day in a totally unfamiliar situation: a medical facility. Of course, everyone is very kind and caring, facilitating healing in the way they have been taught. In their zeal to cover all the bases and be cautious and ward off lawsuits, they warn you about every possible horror which could befall you. I imagined myself as a video game character, deflecting words of doom from every direction. Lying quietly on a bed waiting for removal of cataracts, I was privy to what I can only imagine would be private conversations. There was talk of a horrid disease one’s grandmother had, another woman spoke about her bowel problems — I could go on and on. Replacing all these images with words of Truth, I emerged unscathed and happy, choosing divine Mind to be my choice rather than the hubbub of material illusions. I am so grateful to know I have that choice!

Mary Baker Eddy quote: “Will, as a quality of so-called mortal mind, is a wrong-doer; hence it should not be confounded with the term as applied to Mind or to one of God’s qualities.”

Science & Health Page 597:24-26

All Need Supplied

This man in Thailand helped Aaron Springston and we are grateful

                         photo by Aaron Springston

My traveling son is in Thailand right now. He’s been a world traveler since his teen years and has always trusted his intuition when it comes to knowing what to do in challenging situations. From the wilderness of Mongolia to the instabilities of South Africa, he has experienced safety in his defenselessness. Today he posted this photo to Facebook, saying that this man had exhibited extreme kindness to him and his traveling companion. Although he didn’t say what that kindness was, I know it was in answer to a need, and I know he trusts that his needs will be met, no matter what they are. As he walks roads less traveled, he continues to learn the meaning of Oneness. Namaste!

Mary Baker Eddy quote: “God is not influenced by man. The ‘divine ear’ is not an auditory nerve.”

Science & Health Page 7:20-21

No Loss in Sacrificing Fear

This amazing cloud formation drifted in at sunset in Utah

“Utah Sky”
photo by Aaron Springston

Why is it so difficult to let go of something we don’t want? No one wants to live in fear, but it seems we’ve convinced ourselves its necessary for survival. I know I fall into this trap. I want to think subjectively from divine Mind, but constantly fall into the objective stance of thinking about God rather than thinking as the expression of God. The fear-based life going on around us seems to be contagious. I’m tired of living from a place of worry about what-if situations. The confusion which comes from a mind full of crazy scenarios and potentially dangerous situations is not the way I choose to be. So today I am actively giving away these feelings in favor of peace and Love, knowing it becomes easier with every so-called sacrifice of fear.

Mary Baker Eddy quote: “Give up your material belief of mind in matter, and have but one Mind, even God; for this Mind forms its own likeness. The loss of man’s identity through the understanding which Science confers is impossible; and the notion of such a possibility is more absurd than to conclude that individual musical tones are lost in the origin of harmony.”

Science & Health Page 216:30-5

Stopping the Pain


Wow… I just cut my finger pretty painfully trying to open up a can of cat food that had it’s ring lifter already broken off. I took the paint can opener to push down the perforated rim of the can, with the intent to then lift up the lid by the hook of the paint can opener. Then suddenly the opener fell abruptly into the can and my finger was too close to the bottom of the opener so my finger got opened too! LOL

So, I immediately put pressure around my finger under the cut, holding my hand upwards, to stop the expected flow of blood from running out. My son Rawm came to the rescue and placed a bandage over the cut. I meanwhile began my tapping routine – while truthfully speaking- the pain was so intense I had doubts it would help! (the silly mind again because when I first tried this trick many moons ago, THAT pain was even more excruciating then this one was!)

But what I did was continue to tap on my crown chakra and my central eyebrow points with one hand , whilst repeating to myself “I can heal without pain, This pain will stop”, while simultaneously focusing on slowing my breathing down and relaxing some.

I laid myself down on the reclining couch and raised my hand up above my head while still tapping and hypnotising myself through slowed breath and suggestions.

Don’t you know the pain went down from a 10 to a 3 in about five or ten minutes. Then I got up and my son changed the bandage, as it began bleeding a little, after I put a little cayenne on the cut and the blood to help stop the bleeding and help it to clot.

I had been recently contemplating how some people are capable of walking on hot coals, and how women have used hypnosis to deliver their babies without the usual discomfort. I wondered if I called that experience to me to say “hey, you too can do these things if you really dropped the illusion of being too programmed and conditioned already to NOT be able to do these things” … because,

By that time – I was blown away again, as the pain had went down to absolutely ZERO! I am so grateful for the small but great tricks of the trade I have learned throughout the years. I can not emphasize enough how we must all trust more to try the simple things out more for pain management, and put all of our energy into making it work. Hypnosis, Self-hypnosis, acupressure, emotional clearing are all very valuable, powerful and helpful tools.

Love to you All,

The Power of Two or Three


On October 30th, 2014, I am exiting a Thrift Store, when a well known songstress of this town approaches me about needing a battery jump. She hollers over to her husband who is standing beside their car to ask him if the jeep of mine would be strong enough. He nods yes, so I get in the jeep and pull it over right alongside them.

He has the jumper cables out already, and while he tells his wife “look at this battery hun! This is a real battery! ” and goes on to explain to me about the previous small car that tried to help jump their car with a battery located way underneath some unknown place in the front near the tire. We laugh… Many of us older folks are simply not used to these newer car designs you see. :)

Anyways, he hooks up the cables and I step into the jeep to give it a little gas. We wait a little while, and she begins trying to start the car up. I see her bow her head as if in silent prayer over the matter. I am waiting for them to start up, a few more minutes pass by – nothing. I get a flashback of a time when my family and I first moved to Eureka, and one of my sons; Para, did some matrix energetics type magic on an elderly man’s car to help it to start near the library. (And for those of you who dislike the word ‘magic’ – I don’t mean to offend you, but prayer is also magic. It is a form of positive magic that has been made to be acceptable and less mysterious by the churches. It matters not what word one chooses to use really, you are calling on Divine energy to influence the course of events, and as long as you acknowledge that the usage of your capabilities to do this be used to only help others and to do no harm, it’s all good. It’s the golden rule of positive craft work I would say.) Back to my story:

So, I step out, with the intent to assist the woman in her prayer to get the car started up. I join my hands together in front of my heart, saying a silent but intentful prayer to the archangels I work with for my own jeep, and asking the question ‘What if this car were to receive the influx of energy it needed and started up right now?’ I had my eyes still open, in an alpha mind type gaze. Her husband was surprised for some reason, or maybe just grateful, and beckons his wife to look over to me and see what I was doing. She nods and returns to her work of prayer. I believe he then joined us. After a moment of this collective effort, she tries the ignition once again and the car started. This is the power of two or three.

Now, some of you will say, oh, the car just needed to sit longer that’s all. And perhaps that is true! But I also know that their are various scriptures, and examples through out our existence that will show us how more people over one person will bring about a stronger effect, faster.

…”for where there are two or three gathered together — to my name, there am I in the midst of them.” Young’s Literal Translation of Matthew 18:20

The scripture above is of course of the Christian dogma, but this truth of the presence being made readily available to us relates not to just Christianity, but to all peoples who come together for a united purpose of goodwill. So when we really want some positive event to take place, it’s a good idea to mastermind with some others that are truly like-minded, that will assist instead of distract in the effort to attain the goal.

If it is in the highest good to take place from the higher perspective; it will be. But if it is not in everyone’s best interest then it may take a little more time than we want, or not happen at all. And we have to learn to be okay with that too.

If the car still did not start after our efforts, instead of feeling defeated, I would likely think, there must be some good reason for this car not to start; some hidden reason that I can not consciously see at the moment. It could be that if they did start and hit the road they would not avert some piece of their karmic past such as a collission that they did not need to experience now; they had amended that particular need of the past through their good deeds, or maybe the car not starting up would more easily enable them to get a newer vehicle that they deserve now, or perhaps the failure of the car starting up would enable them to have an encounter with some other person who worked on their car recently, which would provide them an opportunity to show their character development and strengths/weaknesses to the unseen helpers on the higher planes.

Believe me, we do get tested from time to time because sometimes we can misuse the power of two or three coming together. (Let’s all remember that the next time we are in the presence of that person or people that kindle our fire in the wrong way! )

In Peace, Light and Love
Shakeenah K.


Eureka Thyme Art Gallery in Eureka Springs, Arkansas

                         photo by Richard Quick

Sometimes these concepts are not only difficult to comprehend but they may, at first, sound downright silly! Yesterday we pondered that everything anyone gives is mine; now we are told that everything we give is ours, too. How can that be? Ideas like this cause our mortal mind, ego, to jump up and say that if this is true, evil can be spread to everyone, also. And if that is so, how can we keep from feeling doomed? But it’s not true because the only thing that is One is what God created. God did not create anything unlike itSelf, so what we term “evil” is actually unreal, as it is only found in the mortal mind, never in divine Mind. And so there is a choice! I can live as though one or the other is true. As Einstein said, You can live as though everything is a miracle or as if nothing is. My choice is easy on this one!

Mary Baker Eddy quote:

“… that joy which finds one’s own in another’s good”

Miscellaneous Writings 1883–1896, p. 127

Of Elections and Such …

photo by Aaron Springston

photo by Aaron Springston

Recently, in the USA, we’ve had some major elections. I’ve always thought our political system was just another way of dividing us. I don’t watch network television, news in traditional forms, nor political debates and such. I glance through our local newspaper and occasionally watch Colbert and/or the Daily Show (comedy based on the news) to “keep up” with what’s going on out there. I did vote a few days ago, but haven’t made the effort to find out who won or lost. These results are seeping in to me by various means, but I have no strong opinions on the outcome. I am in total agreement with Mary Baker Eddy in today’s  quote concerning politics. I haven’t always been this way. I used to campaign, and get involved, and even cry when “my” candidate lost. I like the way I feel now so much more!

Mary Baker Eddy quote:  “I am asked, ‘What are your politics?’ I have none, in reality, other than to help support a righteous government;  to love God supremely, and my neighbor as myself.”

Miscellaneous Writing Page 276:23-25